St. Mary of Egypt

maryegyptOne of the most remarkable stories of the early Church, read each year in the 5th week of Lent during the Canon of St. Andrew, is the Story of St. Mary of Egypt. This Sunday is also dedicated to her on the Church Calendar. If you have not taken time or had opportunity to hear or read her story, follow the link. Do yourself a favor and ponder the mercy of God.

The Story of St. Mary of Eygpt by St. Sophronius of Jerusalem.

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3 responses to “St. Mary of Egypt”

  1. Pauline Avatar

    She is my patron saint; in a number of ways she “chose” me before I was particularly aware of her last year as I was received into the Church.

    For so many reasons, I am so grateful for her and that her story has been preserved and celebrated within the Orthodox Church. As one who was formerly Catholic (and well catechized as such), it was a disappointment and a shock to realize that she was a saint who we shared between the East and the West, yet I’d never once heard of her in 37 years as a Catholic.

  2. Carmelita Lindner Avatar
    Carmelita Lindner

    I love her story, there is a true repentance. Converting herself to the true life of grace.

  3. misty Avatar

    I have never been a particularly religious person and was not really looking for any guidance when I came across Saint Mary of Egypt. I could see my arrogant attitude in her early life,
    I was touched by her story.
    My life has changed because of her and I feel her story should be shared with everyone.

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