St. Mary of Egypt


One of the most remarkable stories of the early Church, read each year on this day in Lent during the Canon of St. Andrew, is the Story of St. Mary of Egypt. I know of nothing better to do this day than read it (or attend a service in which it is read – I did the latter this morning). Do yourself a favor and ponder the mercy of God.

The Story of St. Mary of Eygpt by St. Sophronius of Jerusalem.

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  1. EYTYXOΣ Avatar

    When we visited St. Spiridon OCA in Seattle, they had a remarkable icon of St. Mary of Egypt in the icon rack in the fellowship/dining hall. I was tempted to buy it, but didn’t … and now I can’t find one like it anywhere on the Internet. She is portrayed as very dark and swarthy, burned black by the sun, as the story says.

  2. […] other is St Mary of Egypt, a prostitute of Alexandria, whose repentance has been told down the years. You can rerad more […]

  3. Susan Tan Avatar
    Susan Tan

    Mar. 22, 2009
    Dear Fr. Stephen:
    I am trying to locate the artist or person who owns the copyright to the . I have recently completed a manuscript on the lives of saints and would like to obtain permission to include in the book the image image of St. Mary of Egypt that appears in your web site. Thanks for your help and any advice.
    Susan Tan

  4. fatherstephen Avatar

    I don’t know.

  5. John Avatar

    Blessed be God for his servant, St. Mary of Egypt!

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