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273321_596414365_7329258_n[1]A new step has been taken with the Blog – adding a donations button. This was requested by some over a year ago and I have only just now responded. For 8 years Glory to God for All Things has been supported by my own private resources and time. A year or so back a number of individuals gave generous support allowing for a redesign of the site.

This present button (through Paypal) directs donations to St. Anne Orthodox Church, the parish in which I serve, and will support the site through the parish.

I am looking to expand the blog in the near future, adding several additional sites with materials organized around particular topics. For example, one site will be especially focused on material most suitable for those first exploring Orthodoxy. Other sites will have other concentrations. These will primarily be useful for the arranging of material and ease of access. There are over 1600 articles in the archives. Making that material readily available and transparent seems to be good stewardship of the work.

The main site will soon join other Orthodox blogs under the ministry of Ancient Faith Publishing (my publisher as well as the host of my podcast). We will be developing a more integrated model for the blog and podcast.

I am working on another book, drawing on many of my articles, and will have more news about it soon.

All of this takes time. Your support will help make some of this possible. I will be making some critical decisions based on the level of support. I have no way of gauging this at present. I thank you as readers for your prayers and comments as well as any support you might offer. I would welcome any feedback or thoughts.


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About Fr. Stephen Freeman

Fr. Stephen is a priest of the Orthodox Church in America, Pastor Emeritus of St. Anne Orthodox Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is also author of Everywhere Present and the Glory to God podcast series.





5 responses to “Your Support Is Welcome”

  1. Margaret Avatar

    Dear Fr. Stephen, thank you for asking for thoughts and feedback concerning the addition of a donate button. I do not know what requests you have had from readers to donate to your ministry, but it seems a logical step. We give to our church and raise our family, but if the time comes that we have resources to share, your ministry is certainly a blessing and we would like to encourage it! God bless you in all ways.

  2. MichaelPatrick Avatar

    As a beneficiary of your gifts through this ministry I’m grateful for every step you may take to faithfully pursue the calling. May you and and the whole support team, including those who pray or donate funds, continue on in God’s grace and receive His joy.

  3. Drewster2000 Avatar

    I more than agree with this move:

    1. You are doing a lot of good work and should be supported in it.

    2. You have a amassed a huge amount of wonderful material and everyone would be better served by having it organized in a more comprehensive way.

    3. You evidently have the heart for the expansion and the continuation of this ministry. This is something money can’t buy but it can definitely help foster and should do so.

    Note: When the dust settles it would be nice of having a way to be notified whenever a new article comes out – no matter which site you post it on. That way I won’t have to check 7 sites every day. Of course having said that, RSS feeders like Sage are a wonderful thing and would serve that purpose.

  4. MichaelPatrick Avatar

    Drewster, you can be notified by email if you “Subscribe to Blog via Email” on the right panel. I do this and it works!

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Your generous support for Glory to God for All Things will help maintain and expand the work of Fr. Stephen. This ministry continues to grow and your help is important. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

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