Hopko on Life and Death

123_other_file_iconThe Bible teaches a kind of package plan: You have God, truth, life and glory, or you have demons, darkness, death, satan, sin, corruption, ugliness and rot. This is the basic reality, and there is no middle path.

Fr. Thomas Hopko, spoken in Brisbane, Australia, October 1999

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5 responses to “Hopko on Life and Death”

  1. Matthew Redard Avatar
    Matthew Redard


    Deuteronomy 30:19

  2. Thomas H Avatar

    It’s like a (very) concise version of the Didaché 🙂

  3. davidperi Avatar

    Is there a podcast some place where we can listen to this lecture?

  4. fatherstephen Avatar


    Not a podcast – but a text. I’ve placed the link in the post (which I should have done when I posted it). The link is:


  5. David Avatar

    OCN has a series Fr Thomas Hopko gave which seems very similar.

    Starting (go to the last page and then the second to last page):

    The Death of Jesus & Our Death in Him

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