A Prayer Request

I was deeply embarrassed when I came home this evening, checked the web site and found that a flagrant piece of filth had managed to slip through the various screenings and post itself on my site. I apologize to any who may have seen it before I was able to remove it. I will continue to work with the WordPress management to prevent such things.

More than that – if you are a reader – please join me in prayer for those who do these things. May God forgive them and forgive all of us because we have fostered such an industry in our nation. People only do these things because it makes money for them and we must all bear the blame. Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us, and on Thy whole world!

May God bless all who hate us and seek to do us harm and teach us to forgive and not to judge our brothers, or reduce one another to objects.

I am temporarily making some modifications to at least slow all this down if not stop it completely. Please be patient if you find your comment has been put into the group being moderated (you’ll post it and it won’t seem to post). It’s not personal. Postings that contain a url in them will be moderated (approved) before being allowed to post. The reason is that spammers and pornographers love to put links (many of them) into their work. It’s a fact that allows them to be caught and blocked.  I will be out of town for part of next week, leading a retreat for youth. I will try to keep up with the site each evening and will moderate comments at least by then. Be patient with me and pray for safety. If I guard this blog a bit more carefully, we can perhaps continue our conversations.

If all else fails I would be forced to turn off all comments – a great tragedy since I think the conversation would become too much one way. Not good for me.

Also if any of you have suggestions (apparently I could not use the protect web plugin that had been suggested. My wordpress program lies with wordpress so that kept it from being added. Again, forgive everyone by the resurrecton!

About Fr. Stephen Freeman

Fr. Stephen is a priest of the Orthodox Church in America, Pastor Emeritus of St. Anne Orthodox Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is also author of Everywhere Present and the Glory to God podcast series.





2 responses to “A Prayer Request”

  1. Christopher Avatar

    Thank you for bringing our ‘spiritual reading’ back to the practical fact that we are to fight against the powers of this world, first and foremost by praying for our enemies. It is often easy for us to wall ourselves in and simply forget, hate, dismiss or judge those that are truly laying siege to the Faith – and yet remain persons in need of salvation.

    The loss of comments would be terrible. Here, as well as at Pontifications, the comments add so much.

    Should you find yourself having to turn the comments off, an option would be to have a Google Groups or Yahoo Groups email list as companion to your blog where you would post your piece with the title in the subject line. It can then be commented on ad infinitum. They have pretty good spam blockers and the moderator can approve any and all that are interested in joining, while allowing the comments to be visible for anyone that wants to simply stop by and read without participating.

  2. handmaidmaryleah Avatar

    Wow, Fr. Stephen, sorry this happened to you, to us, but it does. Thanks for the reminder on how to handle it so gracefully.
    On a happier side note, was I surprised when I looked at my blogstats and saw how many visitors I had recieved! Thanks guys for stopping by, that’s never happened before.
    Christ is in our midst!
    the handmaid,

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