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A New Level of Conversation – the Crisis of Beauty



I am excited by the opportunity to have this conversation with Kevin Allen on Ancient Faith Radio. He does a masterful job of researching and guiding a conversation within the world of Orthodox thought. This is a topic that has been greatly on my heart and in my thoughts lately (no surprise to readers). “Tune in” on Sunday, May 26, at 8 pm Eastern Time (New York time). The program is also recorded for those who cannot listen live. There are also “callers” – the most unpredictable and often the most interesting part of the conversation. Let others know and join the conversation!


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  1. Great news! I look forward to listening to the broadcast. But I’ll need to break off at 9 pm to watch “Game of Thrones.” :)

  2. PJ says:

    I read the books when I was younger, and I recall they were quite titillating…I’ve wanted to watch the show, but I’ve heard that it can be pretty risque. What do you think, Father?

  3. Rhonda says:

    Fr. Aidan,

    Ugh…Game of Thrones…my daughter loves that show & can identify any episode by title, number & date aired from the previews!

    Fr. Stephen,
    I look forward to it & will have to catch it the next day via recording as I work 2nd shift. Have fun!

  4. B.E. Ward says:

    And for those not too familiar with Ancient Faith Today, there’s also an active chatroom going during the program. You can get there from the program’s page.

  5. Margaret says:

    So happy to see this! I cannot wait to listen!!!

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