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News Media Loses Its Mind Yet Again – They’ll Believe Anything


Roughly paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton: “When a man ceases to believe in God, it’s not so much that he believes in nothing, as it is he is willing to believe in anything.” Proving this maxim once again, the media have given splash to a completely discredited discovery of the “bones” of Jesus (including an assumption that they are buried in a tomb with his “wife,” Mary Magdalen). I have to admit this nonsense caught me by surprise but shouldn’t have. Under the general notion of “what will they think of next?” one can only say that the stranger and more anti-Christian something is, the more likely the media are to treat it as though it were serious.

The tragedy is probably not so much in what these reports do for atheism (it needs little help) as what these reports do for Islam in its onslaught against Christianity in much of the third world.

If you are interested, Dr. Ben Witherington has offered a very cogent refutation of this latest media circus.

The photo posted here is of the Holy Sepulchre (the edicule, or small building, where Christ’s empty tomb remains to this day). Apparently, this holy place which evidences the miracle of the Holy Fire each year at Pascha is unknown to the modern media. Orthodox faithful will continue to gather here to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, and pray for people who cannot yet seem to believe.

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  1. Steve says:

    I would love to know where and when G.K. Chesterton said that. I’ve often seen it quoted, but never seen the source.

  2. Good question. Apparently it’s a quote that generally fits several things he said, but nothing exactly that he ever said. Did some research and recommend this site:

    Apparently, it’s so chestertonian that he should have said it. On the other hand, it’s so good, I may say it myself!

  3. Alice C. Linsley says:

    I find it odd, but not surprising, that so many relish this sort of non-factual story. I’ve researched the cultural context and kinship pattern of Abraham and his ancestors for over 25 years and have uncovered a vast amount of informatiom that has a factual basis with physical evidence to confirm it. Can’t get a single media person to pick up on the research, but that’s okay. The facts are for searchers after Truth. The media wants a story that sells.

  4. John Hudson says:

    ‘…what these reports do for atheism (it needs little help) as what these reports do for Islam in its onslaught against Christianity in much of the third world.’

    Actually, the mainstream Muslim belief is that Jesus bodily ascended to heaven, so the idea of finding the bones of Jesus is as blasphemous to them as it is to Christians. Indeed, Muslims don’t believe that Jesus died at all.

  5. John,

    I did not know that. Thanks for clearing that up. But where are the riots in the streets?

  6. John Hudson says:

    I suspect one needs to insult Mohamed to get a riot started. Otherwise, I think the Muslim attitude is that infidels are just being predictably stupid and ignorant.

    Also, there are some Islamic scholars who debate Jesus’
    bodily ascension, and consider that he may have died, so it is not a taboo speculation within Islam. What they are all agreed on, sadly, is that Christ did not die on the cross, since the Qur’an fairly explicitly labels the crucifixion as a kind of illusion.

  7. Constantine says:

    We may actually start a riot just by talking about it.

  8. What corporation owns the Discovery Channel? It seems particularly bent on disseminating anti-Christian stuff – although CNN and National Geographic have done their part as well.

  9. handmaidleah says:

    Not to mention the History Channel…
    What would be the point, just bless those that curse us because it isn’t going to stop. Take heart, persecution is good for the soul! Part of the struggle, we supossed to love this right?
    the handmaid,
    Mary-Leah who-did-not-watch-the-slander

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