Glory to God for All Things

It’s Not Just the Details – It’s the Particulars

I wrote earlier of the details – and my own wrestling with the details of my travel. Slowly, I am decompressing and regaining my own composure. The difficulty of life is not really found in the details but in its very character as particular.  I think people do very well in general – that is to say – with things … Continue reading

In the Details – God Reigns

 For the second day, I am sitting in airports, just one of many thousands effected by a snow storm and a storm of flight cancellations. I cannot complain – I was comfortable last night and am so now. I will have missed my Tuesday appointments and responsibilities but it cannot be helped. But these are the events that precisely make … Continue reading

Pictures from Minneapolis Sunday of Orthodoxy

Pictures from the Sunday of Orthodoxy were made available today. I gladly share them any who wish to see that wonderful Cathedral.

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